Welcome! Please Move In

Login: /panel

1. Add yourself as a user:
/panel → hamburger menu → Users

2. Rename your Site:
/panel → click on Open Plot

3. Rename Homepage:
/panelWelcome! Please Move In → click on Welcome! Please Move In

4. Set a default bg color, highlight color (used for links)
/panel → Settings

5. Upload font (optional, default is Times New Roman)
/panel → Settings

6. Make Compost unlisted
/panel → Published → ⋯ → Change Status
Now this will only appear when you log in

7. Delete this content and add your own.
A suggestion: a non-self selfie
a photo of the room you are in, an architectural detail, the floor, the bottom of your shoe
You can upload from your computer, or login to the panel using your phone
(be mindful of image size: max around 1mb is a good rule of thumb. Uploading from your phone only takes horizontal images.)