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Image from Ian Hamilton Finlay - A Visual Primer

A community garden interrupts and re-frames the built environment (embracing an unused plot, a collection of containers, a former parking lot). It cycles at multiple frequencies: yearly, seasonally, daily.

Like the plants growing in a garden, content can be bottom-up. Gathering content requires curiosity, rather than expertise. Sometimes it's messy, hard to control. Other times it fails to take hold, it withers and dies. In all cases, a garden requires tending.

While one may select the particular plot they wish to tend, the contents of the surrounding plots happen by circumstance, and one has to make do and improvise.

This workshop will look at using a website CMS called Kirby, with a view towards creating a framework (a box, some soil) for a variety of different content (seeds) gathered by participants in advance (or that can be provided) to be planted, to take root, to live, and hopefully thrive within a common space.

Neil Doshi is a designer living and working near Joshua Tree, California.
Joe Potts is the founding director of the Southland Institute, and is an associate professor and assistant chair of the Communication Arts and Graduate Graphic Design programs at Otis College of Art and Design.