Content Prompt #1

Objects Food Rooms

"Published in 1914, Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein is simultaneously considered to be a masterpiece of verbal Cubism, a modernist triumph, a spectacular failure, a collection of confusing gibberish, and an intentional hoax.

Divided into three sections—"Objects," "Food," and "Rooms"—the book contains a series of descriptions that defy conventional syntax. In "Gertrude Stein, Her Escape from Protective Language William Gass notes that these are, respectively, "things external to us, which we perceive, manipulate, and confront," "things which nourish us," and "things which enclose us." src

Take 30-40 minutes to gather / create images with these ideas of 'objects,' 'food,' and/or 'rooms' in mind,.

full pdf of Tender Buttons

Content Prompt #2

Desirable Debris

In a nod to Yuji Agematsu, who for 30 years has been making miniature sculptures from small pieces of trash collected on daily walks around New York -- what kind of debris are you able to gather in 30 minutes? You can document it with images, with words, or both. You can collect it physically, photograph it as-found, or draw it.

This can become the content for your plot.

Yuji Agematsu
Marking Time with Yuji Agematsu

Yuji Agematsu Finds Art in Trash

Content Prompt #3

Looking In / Looking Out

Using images and/or text, capture views of your immediate surroundings looking in, looking out, or both. Windows, doors, drawers, cupboards, any threshold will do.

The Internet’s Back-to-the-Land Movement

by Becca Abbe

The Architecture of Content Management

by Mark Wigley

My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be?

by Laurel Schwulst

Hunting the Nearly-Invisible Personal Website

Rediscovering the Small Web

Kicks Condor

Donald Knuth's Homepage

Hypertext Gardens: Delightful Vistas (1998)

by Mark Bernstein

Text-only* websites

Directory of text-only websites.

Gossip's Web

"Gossip’s Web is a place for sharing personal websites, experiments, writing, and music. Gossips is different from other link sharing websites in that it focuses on handmade websites instead of commercial, news, or ad-driven sites. "

" is an intentional digital community for making art, socializing, and learning."