syllabus as cobbled lot

Overview (in detail)

Week 1 - Cobbling together an existence
Kuleshov’s ‘brick by brick’ vs. Eisenstein’s collision
The document
The blocked stone

Week 2 - Towards a nonlinear montage
Farocki / Bitomsky
Soft Montage
‘The Bitomsky shuffle’

Week 3 - Paving Paris (pre-, re-, de-, and un-)
Haussmann’s Paris
"Sous les pavés, la plage..." (Beneath the cobblestones/pavers,
the beach) - Situationists
Streets for sale, by piece and by the pallet

Week 4 - Meanwhile
Varda / Godard / BBP
Oakland Community School

Week 5 - Ongoing [embattled] grounds
Jafa / hooks / @nemipeba

Week 6 - Digital traction and slippage
Google image searches as algorithmically-generated,
cobblestoned layout
Cracks in the surface

Week 7 - The road paved, the road thrown
A close reading of our collective publication effort