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Amuse your bouche. Rather than assignments, what follows is a menu of various contents that will inform the seminar's shared discourse. Fill your plate, come back for seconds or thirds, or sample. Please note some links are only available to enrolled seminar participants.

The Coffeehouse

The White Rose

The Public Sphere

A dying penny, withering wheat

55th Venice Biennial Greek Pavilion site

Relational Economies: Labor over Capital, The 8th Floor (NYC),
exh. cat. (essay, Sarah Reisman), 2019

A new token


/ + .


Integrational cases elsewhere | elsehere

Rooftop Urban Park Project / Two Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube, 1981/1991, Dia Art Foundation, NYC. Photo: Bill Jacobson. Not pictured: small shed on the roof which was converted into a cafe/video viewing room with video programming organized by Graham.
Café Bravo, Dan Graham with Johanne Nalbach, Kunstwerke, Berlin, opened Sept. 1999

Starbucks/University Student Workers + Unionizing.

Placeholder: Menu at Black Coffee. with digital redactions. (c. Jan 2022) Image and redactions: Kalaija M.